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This site  has been created for you to connect with us on a personal level. On this site we will share everything from the hottest beats for sale, the latest music videos, and various affiliates that we are currently working with as well as the latest info throughout the music industry.

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Born and raised in Brooklyn NY growing up I found my first love….MUSIC. It all started when I was 9 years old writing poems to a girl I had a crush on. I was known in school at that age as the one who wrote sweet poems and other boys would pay me a dollar to write their poems. As I grew older my rhymes matured and I got better as I wrote about the challenging experiences throughout my life.

Music production was a skill I later acquired when music became even more of a desire and a passion for me. I started to take it even more serious when I met Cameron D. Hamlin (Blaze) a fellow emcee and best friend unfortunately he departed before we can even get started. It was the deaths of Blaze and my brother Lawrence C. Phillip (Frost) that I was inspired to do more then I can ever imagine and that’s when I decided to start Frost Beats.

Quite some time had passed since both my brother and dear friend ascended and once again it seemed that I was heading in an artistic direction. This time my words and production were more than just songs they served as an emotional outlet and a way to honor my brother and best friend. Everyday they inspire me to be innovative and to put in the hard work necessary to achieve my goals.

I thank God for all the possibilities and opportunities for giving me the ability to paint a picture within my music that vividly expresses how far I have grown as a young black man and how I have overcome the many adversities that we all face today. I move forward in the direction of attaining my goals and living my dreams for many of those who aren’t here today.

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