MISI Entertainment is an entertainment company that provides a media outlet for independent and major artists; recording artists, musicians, models, authors, DJ’s and more. We work with both aspiring and established clients throughout the music and entertainment industries. We assist individuals as well as indie and major labels providing clients with custom tailored internet outlet giving our clients the ability to showcase their work to their fans. Find out how we can work together on your next project.


ItsMyURLs Do you have more than one social network profile, along with numerous blogs, websites, etc.? Now you can simplify your online presence with  I was relieved to know that something like this even existed, I have a Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, and  YouTube I mean the list goes on not to mention a blog and a website. It really organizes your entire social identity making networking so much easier.

Alwayz Therro was established in November 2009. July 1, 2010 we released our first issue (It Was Summer 2010).  It was a free issue we created never thinking we would ever make another issue. Alwayz Therro is American Culture, Style, Fashion, Music and Lifestyle. Alwayz Therro was created to “Bring you what you want and what you need.” Our lifestyle is about never giving up. We push and we push hard. We live to the beat of a different drummer. It’s a Mindset, It’s You, It’s Classic, It’s New. Work hard and put your focus towards a goal you can do anything you want to. We believe even if you have no money in your pockets you should walk straight and walk hard. Never be afraid to jgive up things when you know you can have better. Never be afraid to push past the limits you have set for yourself. Travel the world if you have to.

 Lan “Yellow” Nguyen Born in San Diego, CA, Nguyen grew up in the urban poverty stricken area of City Heights in the east side of San Diego. To date, Nguyen has filmed, directed and edited over two dozen music videos within a span of a year since he has started shooting music videos in 2010. Yellow One Productions became a household name from event promoting into film production. Since 2010, Yellow One Productions has had 3 music videos featured on local San Diego hip hop television shows, 8 music videos on, 2 commercials on BET in both San Diego and Los Angeles, 2 videos featured on, 1 video featured on and 1 video featured


24 Media Design We Specialize in Business and Urban Graphic Design. If U Need Cd Covers, Flyers, Myspace Pages, Websites, Banners, Business cards, Photography, Logo’s, Etc. Contact Today For a Price Quote




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