catches up with the very sexy Ashley Abbott [@ashlaayabbott]

While Ashley Abbot may not be a household name just yet, she has plans to make that a reality soon! She’s gorgeous, she’s talented, and she’s smart; everything you need to be the best in this business and Ashley is definitely using all that she has to succeed. With her beautiful girl as her motivation, this Filipina/Lebanese beauty is set to takeover the modeling industry with a force!


Age: 20

Hometown: Monterey Bay, CA

Ethnicity: Filipina/Lebanese

Height: 5’3

Weight: 120

Bust: 34B

Waist: I’m a size 3

Hobbies: Modeling & Acting

Future Plans: Get behind the production of media and film!


FROST: How’s it going Ashley? Thanks for taking the time to interview with us; It’s definitely a pleasure.

Ashley: Thanks for your interest ūüôā

FROST: Tell our readers a little about Ashley Abbott?

Ashley:¬†Well first off, I am a mother to a beautiful baby girl named Kimylie Leah Ha. I’m probably one of the weirdest and sweetest you will ever meet, but there’s never a dull moment around me… I love to live life’s moments to the fullest!

FROST: Many people think that modeling is easy which I know is hardly the case what would you say is the most challenging part of being a model?

Ashley:¬†I’d have to say the hardest part about modeling is always keeping your audience interested. Trying to find different photoshoots with different looks. No one wants to see the same picture in different angles over and over again.

FROST:¬†If you weren’t modeling what profession would you most likely be doing?

Ashley:¬†I’d probably be back at the bank…but honestly, I’d rather be modeling and taking photos rather then counting other peoples money

FROST: What would be your dream shoot that you would like to do in the future?

Ashley:¬†I’ve always wanted to be suspended in the air. Action shot!

FROST: What part of your body is your most favorite and why?

Ashley: My SMILE. It seems to be a killer to a lot of people

FROST: What is a day like hanging out with Ashley Abbott?

Ashley:¬†Hmmm I love to eat. I love traveling. So most likely you’ll ¬†be in the car with me going to different cities to take over!

FROST: You know I have to ask this question for all the guys out there; What type of guy gets your attention?

Ashley:¬†I love when a guy knows his worth, but doesn’t have to act cocky to prove it to everyone! He also has to know how to carry himself, and know where he’s heading in life.

FROST:¬†I get people who say to me that models are nothing but a bunch of women who don’t have any self respect. What do you say to that?

Ashley: Honestly have nothing to say to that. With all the love there will be some hate.

FROST: Lets say you had 3 wishes and you can wish for anything you want what would you wish for?

Ashley: Unlimited wishes Ha Ha Ha, a ticket to Tokyo, and for weed to be legalized.

FROST: In your own words what would you call a perfect date with the man of your dreams?

Ashley: Perfect date for me would be…In a warm cabin in front of a fire place in lake Tahoe, during winter season after snowboarding enjoying some delicious hot coco LOL.

FROST: 5 years from now where do you see yourself?

Ashley:  I see myself doing bigger things in this modeling industry! And it WILL happen.

FROST: What kind of advice can you  give to someone trying to pursue a modeling career?

Ashley:¬†Always trust yourself first before anyone else. If u ever have weird feelings about a situation don’t do it . Never let anyone or anything get in your way. it’s not easy, but definitely worth all the hard work.

FROST: Lastly are there any shout-outs you want to throw out there?

Ashley:¬†I wanna shout out to everyone who’s believed in me and supported me from the beginning.LOVE you guys!

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