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When the word “beautiful” was defined, FrostModel Khalilah had to be in mind. She’s beautiful in every sense of the word; a true delight to the senses! Khalilah has the look and THE LEGS to rule the modeling industry. And she’s humble, a quality that adds so much to her beauty! She’s not about getting caught up in the modeling industry at all. With ambitions of settling down, starting a family, and maybe even opening a liquor store, Khalilah is definitely someone you need to get to know!

Age: Guess

Hometown: Vallejo, Ca

Ethnicity: African American

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 130

Bust: 34

Waist: 26

Hip: 38

Hobbies: shopping, reading, hanging with family & friends, eating

Future Plans: Continue my career in healthcare administration. Continue to grow in modeling. I want to get into more high fashion modeling.  I would love to do more ad campaigns. Maybe start thinking about settling down & starting a family.

 Photos by: 707 Multimedia Photography


FROST:  How’s it going Khalilah? Thanks for taking the time to interview with us; it’s definitely a pleasure.

Khalilah: Hi! Everything’s is good! thank u for this opportunity.

FROST: For those who don’t know who you are tell us a little bit about yourself?

Khalilah: I’m from Vallejo, Ca.

FROST: I have been a big fan of your past and current work and I have to say I am impressed. What is the process for you to get prepared for a shoot?

Khalilah: My favorite part is getting my make up and hair done and picking out my outfits. Music also puts me in the mood. Camera in the mirror pics. And I think about sex with who I’m crushing on.

FROST: What would you say is the most challenging part about being a model and why?

Khalilah: It’s hard for me because I’m naturally shy & quiet. Plus it’s like EVERYBODY  is a model. It’s always somebody trying to get over and throw shade. So I just try my best to just do me & not worry about what everyone else is doing.

Photos by: 707 Multimedia Photography

FROST: If you weren’t modeling what profession would you most likely be doing?

Khalilah: Well I currently work in healthcare. But if not I have always been interested in doing some styling or set design & production. I always wanted a liqour store too.

FROST: What part of your body is your most favorite and why?

Khalilah: My legs because they get me everywhere I need to go.

FROST: I get people who say to me that models are nothing but a bunch of women who don’t have any self respect. What do you say to that?

Khalilah: Some models don’t have any self respect but I know I don’t fall in that category. At the same time if you don’t like what you see don’t look.

FROST: Lets say you had 3 wishes and you can wish for anything you want what would you wish for?

Khalilah: 1. Finances to support my family , 2. A big ass shoe closet, and 3. To look young forever.

Photos by: 707 Multimedia Photography

FROST: You know I have to ask this question for all the guys out there; (including me Lol) What type of guy gets your attention?

Khalilah: Tall, handsome, ambitious…I have a thing for guys wit dreads.

FROST: 5 years from now where do you see yourself?

Khalilah: I see myself with kids continuing in my healthcare career  opening up my liquor store.

FROST: What kind of advice can you give to someone trying to pursue a modeling career?

Khalilah: Aways have a back up plan. Keep your circle tight & small. Stay focused on your goal.

FROST: Lastly are there any shout-outs you want to throw out there?

Khalilah: Shout out to my family, my besties, my ATEAM, my photographers,, and all my supporters.

Photos by: 707 Multimedia Photography


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