Interviews a true unicorn in the R&B genre B.Ankha

R&B lovers this is an interview you do not want to miss, this is R&B at it’s very best. BAnkha is an artist you need to pay close attention to, with a soulful voice and a touch of realness you will not be disappointed with her latest release L.I.F.E (Life in full Effect).

L.I.F.E (Life in full Effect)



FROST: How is it going B.Ankha? Thanks for taking the time to interview with us it is a pleasure.

B.Ankha: The pleasure is all mine. Thank You for having me.

FROST: For those who don’t know you tell us a little bit about yourself?

B.Ankha: I go by the name of B.Ankha, a female singer/songwriter. My genre is mainly R&B and Trap. I am from the Bronx aspiring to become an international performing artist. I have been this since the age of 3  involved in both dancing & singing. I started taking it more seriously with my music back in 2015 when I was about 16, 17 years old. Fast forward to the now I am working even harder to deliver my message to the world.

FROST: I have listened to your album with my team, and it is a dope album. What do you feel sets you apart from other upcoming R&B artist?

B.Ankha: I bring that realistic feel with my lyrics which I feel we need in the music industry. Vocally I have a tone that sets me aside from just being a girl that can sing. Performing-wise I need my fans to feel every word, every note and be able to resonate with my story. I am hungry for this I want to bring that soulful feel-good music back.


FROST: There is quality production on the album. What was the process of putting together this body of work?

B.Ankha: The process of production was very hands-on everything was based on a vibe. My situation was unique because my manager is my main producer, we would sit down and go through the beats until we felt the best vibe and build on that. Kind Genius and I were practically in sync, so it all came naturally for us. We would finish each other’s melodies. He produced 90% of the album. My single was produced by a dope producer named Dizzy Banko.

FROST: Now that the album L.I.F.E (Life in full Effect) is out what can we all expect from you in the future?

B.Ankha: In the future, the main thing I want to show from all this is Growth. I want everyone to see my natural path to making it where I want to be. I want everyone to see the growth in my work not only lyrically but vocally as well. I am looking to have a small concert for my supporters so that I can showcase my work since the album has had time to sink in.

FROST: What are your thoughts on the current state of R&B as a genre?

B.Ankha: My thoughts on R&B is that it is coming to its potential. R&B can be more evolved than what it is today. There isn’t enough credit going around to a phenomenal artist like Jazmine Sullivan and many others. I want to bring that to the forefront.


FROST: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist throughout the industry dead or alive who would it be and why?

B.Ankha: I would love to collaborate with Lauryn Hill and, or Jazmine Sullivan my alter ego is a split between both of their styles. I would die if I met both of them let alone collaborate with either one.

FROST: If I were to go through your music collection right now, what 3 artists would I see in your most recently played list?

B.Ankha: I have to say, Teyana Taylor. I love what she brings to the R&B world her voice is therapeutic. Rihanna, I love how she can be heartbreaking and passionate in her music. Lastly, I would say H.E.R because I love her unique voice and her message. She’s all about the feeling it the music just like my vision. That speaks volumes to me.

FROST: What kind of advice can you give an artist trying to pursue a music career?

B.Ankha: My main advice on pursuing a music career is to have patience and dedication. Believe in yourself no matter what. Work hard and never get discouraged everything will fall into place. Don’t let the small things break you, let it make you. Negativity only stays around if you allow it to.


FROST: Lastly, are there any shout-outs that you want to throw out there?

B.Ankha: I want to make a special shout out to Gold Expectations for welcoming me with open arms. They are what I call family they truly believed in me. They have helped me enormously with my numbers, and I can’t thank them enough. Of course a huge shout out to my manager/producer the kind genius for being there since day one and pushing me to be the best artist I can be. Oh, big shout out to for the interview.

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