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FROST: How’s it going Efficial? Thanks for taking the time to interview with us; it’s definitely a pleasure.

Efficial: What’s going on man, no problem at all!

FROST: So, tell me how did the name EfficialDudley come about?

Efficial: Well, it was back in my Myspace days Lol, I was putting up music and my cousin hit me on my wall and was like “Your music is Efficial”, and I really just stuck with it.

FROST: Iv’e listen to a couple songs from your album which is hot by the way, but do you get any comparisons to R&B singer The Dream?

Efficial: Lol ALWAYS! I try to sometimes get away from that, but people always say that. I have songs that I did in High School when I was not really hip to The Dream, and they still sound like him. Lol It’s something I can’t really help

FROST: We are all fans of R&B music however do you feel R&B soul still lives throughout the music industry?

Efficial: Naw, not really. People often get R&B mixed up. It’s actually something that’s hard to do, and the lane is not as wide as people think it is. Even myself, I see myself sometimes not sticking to R&B, and try with every song to get back to it.

FROST: If you weren’t singing what field would you most likely be working in?

Efficial: I would be in the Finance field. I love working with numbers!

FROST: What can your fans expect from your latest album Through my Eyez?

Efficial: They can expect good music that will make you smile, and be surprised of the spectrum of ideas and life stories that are coming from a 22 year old male.

FROST: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist throughout the industry dead or alive who would it be and why?

Efficial: Lol I would have to say The Dream. Although I don’t think we sound alike to the point where others might think. We often talk about the same ideas when songwriting. Also, what he has done for the music industry as far as songwriting, is beyond crazy! I think we would make dope music.

FROST: How did you take the death of Whitney Houston?

Efficial: The same way I did when MJ died. I cried, through their music, much of what goes on today would not even be possible. When they make music, you feel like you know them personally, so when she died, I didn’t like “Whitney Houston” died I though and took it as my friend Whitney Houston died.

FROST: If I were to turn on your iPod right now, what 3 artist would I see in your most recently played list?

Efficial: Babyface, Tank, and The Dream

FROST: What kind of advice can you  give an artist trying to pursue a music career?

Efficial: ALWAYS be yourself. If you have a team you work with, make sure they in for the long haul. Things often change when thing are going good.

FROST: If you had the chance to date any celebrity female in the world who would you choose? and why?

Efficial: I would say Jennifer Hudson. That is a WOMAN! Lol. On the real though, she is down to earth, and seems to really know how to hold a relationship, I love that in a woman.

FROST: Tell me three things about you and your music that separates you from other artist in the industry?

Efficial: 1. I’m a songwriter first 2. I make music about my real life situations, in hope that someone else can connect to it and 3. I just wanna make music people will love for years to come!

FROST: Lastly, are there any shout-outs that you want to throw out there?

Efficial: Of course! S/O to the Team: TRIY, Kazi Beats, Lski, Youngstarr, Avenue, & DMoney Martinez. I also wanna S/O the Publish Company: Macrides & French Music! And last but not least, I wanna S/O the fans that been rocking with me since DAY1, and believing in me, my music, and my team! Hit me on Twitter @EfficialDudley



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