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If you’re a lover of all things R&B, Eric Mayo is an artist you need to turn your attention towards quick! His music is drenched in the soulful sound associated with R&B, yet he blends pop and eclectic, futuristic vibes that will have you bopping from the intro on. With his hot new single “I Just Wanna Love You”, Mayo brings us a classic philly sound while challenging listeners to vibe on a whole new level. The track is dope, and it speaks volumes to just how dominating this guy could be in the music industry. The takeover has just begun!


FROST: How’s it going Eric? Thanks for taking the time to interview with us; it’s definitely a pleasure.

EM: It’s a pleasure appreciate it

FROST: For those who don’t know who you are tell us a little bit about yourself?

EM: I’m an R&B artist from Philly driven by my experiences throughout my life…

FROST: We are all fans of R&B music however do you feel R&B soul still lives throughout the music industry?

EM: I definitely do believe  R&B lives throughout the music industry especially with such great talents like Tank, Usher, Raheem davaugn, Jazmine Sullivan and Tweet, just to name a few. They definitely breathe life into the R&B melodies we love.

FROST: If you weren’t singing what field would you most likely be working in?

EM: Definitely producing, scouting, and developing talent. I’m passionate about music and all of its components,  so it would definitely have to be something dealing with the industry.

FROST: Is there an official album in the works, if so what can we expect to hear from it?

EM:  I’m currently working on my mixtape and it is expected to be released late summer you can look to hear a variety of Soul, Pop and Hip Hop. This new project will be very sexy and hip I mixed a lot of love making ballads with the less sensitive bad boy side of myself.

FROST: If you had the opportunity to collaborate with any artist throughout the industry dead or alive who would it be and why?

EM: I would def have to say Michael Jackson.  That may be a common answer but I can’t overlook how much of an influence he’s had over me as an artist. Having the opportunity to have Michael Jackson contribute to my artistry in any way would Change my life forever.

FROST: When Whitney Houston passed away the world was devastated with the lost of such an iconic figure how did you deal with the lost of Whitney Houston’s death?

EM: I was instantly saddened. I felt she had so much more to give us, there were millions of people who could have learned from such a great vocalist and musician.  I also dreamed of one day actually meeting one of the greatest singers of all time.

FROST: If I were to turn on your iPod right now, what 3 artist would I see in your most recently played list?

EM: You would definitely hear Tweet, Rick Ross, and Tank.

FROST: What kind of advice can you  give an artist trying to pursue a music career?

EM: Never give up!!! Simple as it may sound it makes perfect sense.  It takes a special person to pursue a dream that is financially, and mentally time consuming. However those who persevere usually get the biggest payoff.  And I’m not referring just to a monetary payoff.

FROST: If you had the chance to date any celebrity female in the world who would you choose? and why?

EM: Wow!!! I’m pretty picky and different things intrigue me about different women. But I would have to say Solange! She has crazy swag, she’s not afraid to speak her mind, and she’s comfortable being herself even under a shadow such as Beyonce’s. I’m also a sucker for a mean shoe game.

FROST: Tell me three things about you and your music that separates you from other artist in the industry?

EM: Well being a writer is a big deal for me, having the ability to tap into my experiences and those of others and create a hot song or a dope hook  is key in developing my independence and negotiation power as a artist.  Also I never really developed a specific style of music.  I think different  genres of music evoke different feelings and moods.  So I never wanted to become a boxed artist sticking to only one type of sound.  I Am confident singing music from genres ranging from rock and pop down to 70’s soul and modern Hip Hop.  Lastly I believe in artist who can transfer their packaged  performance to the stage.  being able to truly sing your own music without the aid of auto tune and tracks I feel is a blessing.  I know when I go to a live show I want to hear my favorite tunes magnified by an electrifying performance.

FROST: Lastly, are there any shout-outs that you want to throw out there?

EM: I definetely want to shout out all the fans that have been riding with me from day one.  The whole Eric Mayo movement, my manager KB, my band, BET,, and all the people who helped turn my dream into a reality.

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