There aren’t many music artists today that are socially conscious of the material they choose to speak about. It’s reassuring to know artists can be creative in their lyrics and not only talk about how much money they make, hoes they get, or weed they smoke. South Central, PA bred emcee J. Bair has done just that with “Gunshot Blast” the first track off his new project entitled, “Dare to Be Different.” This song goes deep into the senseless violence that plagues our communities and gives an accurate portrayal of the cause and effect to the choices we make. The beat produced by E. Pinck of Headbanger Pro has an east coast feel to it and I like the addition of the mother’s voice and they words of Tupac Shakur which gives more worth to the message behind the music. The video directed by Hakim Zahir is complimenting to the track and echos of gunshots makes it relatable to anyone, anywhere in any hood because we all have lost someone to gun violence. I definitely believe that J. Bair can create a movement of positivity with this track. J. Bair is a very talented emcee and I can’t wait to see what’s next for him.


Review by: Angelique Vasquez

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