NEW MUSIC VIDEO: @EDUBBlive “Lovesick” feat. Sean Patrick Wheeler

The Guys of Edubb are back with their second single off the Legends of the Fall Album The track is entitled Lovesick, and features Sean Patrick Wheeler of the Armory. Murph outdid himself with this one, the concept and direction of the video is clean and precise. The storyline is awesome and I like the use of effects. The video plays out the perils of love in the extreme sense of the word fully equipped with a psycho b*tch to bring the lyrics to life. Edubb demolished their lyrics giving us nothing less than what we’ve come to expect from the group. The vocals and guitar riffs Sean Patrick Wheeler brings to the track absolutely enhances the music, giving it that Alternative Rock edge. I am truly impressed with this group and cannot wait to see what is next for them I predict nothing but greatness.


Review by: Angelique Vasquez

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